Mock-audit and creation of report with recommendations

Mock Audit Case Study

Key Results

Significant improvement in client’s customs procedures

Client no longer at risk of contravention fines

Assisting a client with a mock audit of HMRC standard to ascertain accuracy and completeness of audit trails


A client identified procedural errors and gaps in their customs processes so approached us for advice on the improvements that could be made. By working together with the client, we were able to ensure their processes were compliant with HMRC.


We delivered a mock-audit on a selection of the client’s customs declaration forms, tested their existing systems and provided a report outlining suggestions for improvement. We then ran a series of follow-up meetings to gauge progress and develop new customs procedures to ensure compliance. Training was carried out concurrently to support employees in the transition to new systems.


Throughout the process, we saw an overall improvement in the client’s customs procedures and they now operate in line with HMRC standards. With the new systems, the client has the ability to correctly track goods from import to movement offshore and to provide standardised clearance instructions when goods require customs clearance. In the event of an HMRC audit, the client will no longer be at risk of contravention fines.

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