Brexit Guidance Series Part 5

Brexit Guidance Series Part 5

For the final post in our Brexit guidance series, we share some of the key learnings we have observed during the first quarter of 2021. Below are some of our tips on how to ease issues and reduce delays in customs processes following the new customs formalities:

1. Communication – Communication is crucial within the wider supply chain to avoid delays. It is vital that pre-alerts are sent to ensure the receiving party can prepare for arrival.

2. Incoterms – With increased customs formalities, it is important to focus on Incoterms. Make sure you know who is responsible for export customs clearance and subsequent import customs clearance to ensure a smooth transaction process. 

3. Union transit procedures – An understanding of Union Transit procedures is key. The UK are a member of the Common Transit Convention (CTC) and can benefit from transit procedures to reduce the need for multiple customs clearances.

Check out the previous posts in our series for further Brexit advice.

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