Brexit Guidance Series Part 3

Brexit Guidance Series Part 3

In this week’s Brexit Guidance Series, we explore customs special procedures. These allow businesses to benefit from import duty relief or suspension if goods are going to be stored, temporarily used, processed or repaired.

To obtain full authorisation, an application needs to be made to HMRC for approval and the trader’s customs compliance practices will be tested prior to authorisation. A full authorisation needs to be compliantly managed with all conditions laid down by HMRC strictly adhered to.

Authorisation by declaration allows traders to utilise the special procedures for a limited number of times to allow them to benefit where a full authorisation is not required.

Goods held in special procedures remain under customs control until such time as they are discharged or removed from the authorisation. As such, strong record-keeping and a robust audit trail are essential to operate.

There are 5 special procedures available to apply for as listed below:

– Inward Processing
– Outward Processing
– Authorised Use
– Customs Warehouse
– Temporary Admission

LS Customs can assist your business in identifying the procedure that would be most beneficial for your operations and support you through the application process.

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